Laminating films(different texture)

Laminating films(different texture)

Material: PVC
Surface finishing: Glossy, Matte, Textures
Film color: Transparent
Film thickness: 50mic, 60mic, 80mic, 100mic
Glue type: permanent acrylic adhesive
Glue color: Transparent
Ink type: Not for printing
Release paper: 60g, 80g, 100g, 120g
Regular size: 0.914, 1.07, 1.27, 1.37, 1.52x50m

Cold lamination film-(glossy and matte)
It is designed to protect printed images, especially those of inkjet based, against abrasion, pollution and moisture to extend much longer life of prints up to 2 times. It works well through roll-feed laminators at room temperature only under the roller pressure to bond to the digital print surface. Lamination film, with 3 types of texture including satin, dull and glossy for option, is widely used for both indoor and outdoor applications. It serves as cutting plotter when applying in metallic surfaces, auto doors and show cases.



Cold lamination film-3D
A 3D texture-embossed clear film coated with clear solvent-based adhesive carried on release liner. The pressure-sensitive adhesive Film is applied on the surface of printed image to extend longer product life through protecting image brilliance from any weather and environment conditions. The anti-scratching and water-proof 3D film provides dynamic 3D vision effect on the prints.


Lamination film-crystal clear
A crystal clear film coated with super-clear solvent-based adhesive carried on release paper liner. It is specially designed for protection especially prints reproduced by water-based inkjet from any weather and environmental conditions to extend longer product life. The anti-scratching and water-proof crystal film provides maximum reality of the prints, indoor and outdoor. 


Floor graphic film
A good film to wrap on the floor graphic film, protect the image from the people's footprint.


Cold laminated film-crossing
With the wonderful crossing texture, this new lamination film offer a new graphic solution for the photo. 


Lamination film-sparkle
At the normal light, sparkle lamination film just like the dull matte satin laminating film, but on the light it show a wonderful shinning just like star. That must be a special graphic solution for the photo.


Cold lamination film-without liner
Cold lamination film (without liner) offer an absolutely new graphic solution for the advertising people, it is more cheaper and useful, which must can blossom a more brilliant light in the advertising field.